What Services Can I Get from 1st Payday Loans?

1st Payday LoansAre you intrigued by online loans but unsure where to start? Maybe you know someone who’s tried these payday loans and had success. But if you don’t understand the products and services, you might be a little nervous to go for it.

Let us help you sort out the options, what our services look like, and how we offer something better than the competition. 1st Payday Loans provides fast loan approvals, a variety of repayment plans and amounts, and secure, safe lenders and online practices, we guarantee you some of the best loan products available anywhere.

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First, We Offer You a Legitimate, Safe Online Payday Loan Experience

Believe it or not, online lending actually can be safe. Did you know that there are more online lending services online now than ever? And that more people are turning to this time-saving option over their banks or cash advances stores?

The secret to getting a great online payday loan experience is to start with legitimate lenders and lender matching services. We have been in business for nearly 10 years, offering a service that connects borrowers like you to lenders we know to be reputable and professional.

Whether you work with us or not, always check websites for legitimate contact information, an outlined security policy, and encryption. And, of course, you should never be asked to pay a fee just to apply for an online payday loan. These elements will help you feel good about working with an online lending company.

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Everything You Need to Know about Online Payday Loans

Today more than ever, people need online payday loans. But do you really understand what they are? These are loans that are primarily based on your income and payday. That means lenders look at what you earn to get you approved, and not so much at your credit score.

A standard payday loan is a small loan with payment due in full in a week or two. It’s a great alternative to traditional loans. These are bigger loans that can get you into more debt than you can afford. They also have longer repayment terms, and you know what that means right? It means you pay more in interest. Here are some of the most important benefits of our online payday loans:

  • You can borrow up to $2,500 and get approved mostly based on your income.
  • You’ll have a good chance of getting approved, even if you have a rotten credit score.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how much you borrow. Get only what you need.
  • Relax, knowing that you’ll be repaid in full in just a couple weeks. There is no long-term debt here.
  • Get quick relief with cash in hand by the next morning in most cases.

Need a Different Repayment Plan? Try our
Online Installment Payday Loans

We offer much more than just the standard payday loan. If the idea of repaying your loan in full causes stress, consider this other option: online installment payday loans. These are more like traditional loans in that you can repay on an installment schedule. Instead of one or two weeks, you can have up to a few months to make repayment.

As you can imagine, there are times when a payday loan make sense. You need a few hundred dollars and you want to repay it as fast as possible. But what about those times when a little more money would help? Check out these great advantages of online installment payday loans:

  • Borrow up to $5,000 so you can take care of bigger money problems.
  • Enjoy extra time for repaying the loan, up to a few months.
  • Apply and get approved in minutes.
  • Still get your cash tomorrow.

An Online Personal Loan of Credit is the
Ultimate in Big Borrowing

To be perfectly honest, we know that there are also going to be times when you need larger loan amounts. It would be great if you only ever needed smaller payday loans, but we get it. Sometimes finances get really tricky, and being able to borrow more just makes your life easier.

This is why we also offer you online personal loans in amounts up to $35,000. You still get easy approval requirements, a quick online process, and the ability to change your mind with no penalty up until you actually sign the loan document. You can truly relax on repayment too, taking up to a year to get out of debt again with this bigger loan.

Remember, you can only get approved for what your income shows you can afford to repay, even in payments. Never borrow more then you need or can afford.

Having said all that, we can provide access to the best and largest online lenders for personal loans that exists online today.

How Do I Actually Get the Cash from 1st Payday Loans?

Awesome Customer ServiceAre you intrigued? Are you considering taking advantage of these awesome services? All it takes is an internet connection or mobile device and a signal. From there you can fill out our short application and wait no more than a few minutes to get matched with and approved by a lender.

The rest is a breeze. Let your lender do the leg work and send you the terms of the loan. Give these a review and talk to the lender on the phone if you need to, and then e-sign the document. If you change your mind before you sign, there is no penalty. This is a totally risk-free application.

How Long Will it Take to Get the Money? and What Should I Do Now to Get a Payday Loan Online?

Here’s the best part: You could have your cash as soon as tomorrow morning. We move things along in a fraction of the time it takes other lenders to work. If tomorrow is a business day, expect to see that money in your bank account so you can start using it immediately.

Are you finally ready to do something different? To finally get relief from your stressful money problems? Now is the time to make a change. Take the plunge and select a loan type and apply here at 1stPaydayLoans.com today. We’ll take great care of you and ensure you have the best experience while getting the cash you need.